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“ Extraordinary performance…represented all the impressive characteristics of the Grand School…incomparable elegance and

enchanting power…” 

“ Il Ponte”, Italy​

"... Eugene captured attention of the audience with his perfect mastery and polished sense of style, full of life and romanticism... he played with the power and colours of symphony orchestra, with fluent and flawless virtuosity"

"Nevsky Times", Russia

" ...Skovorodnikov returned to Rome after a three year absence, but his long awaiting fan audience was treated to an absolutely outstanding performance; this level of artistic quality has been rarely heard in the past few musical seasons in Rome..." "Musica e Scuola", Italy

"... A sturdy Ukrainian-Canadian pianist, Eugene Skovorodnikov, played with thunderous firmness a difficult Russian program: works by Tchaikovsky, Miaskovsky.  Shostakovich  and Rachmaninov. Interesting and illuminating, this was in the Chopiniana series"

"Tribuna Musical", Argentina

F E A T U R E D   R E V I E W S

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